20 Years of The Roasterie: A Look Back

It’s hard to believe now, but The Roasterie hasn’t always been a staple of Kansas City life. In order to properly celebrate our 20th year, reflect on how far we’ve come and thank our wonderful Kansas City community, we’d like to take you back to a day in the life of The Roasterie before it was The Roasterie we all know and love.

It all started on the day The Roasterie became incorporated: November 4, 1993 – what seems like a lifetime ago. For the first few years after that first day it was as exciting as it was stressful. Back then it was just a few of us air-roasting coffee in the basement of The Roasterie founder Danny O’Neill’s Brookside home. In those days we didn’t have an entire factory to produce the world’s best coffee. Instead we relied on one small 12-pound air-roaster to roast our coffee beans.

During those first few years, there were many 20 hour days and hectic times, but it was all so worth it. We knew that’s what it would take to make sure that our very first bags of coffee were the most delicious cups of coffee our customers had ever had. We knew that the world needed a better brand of coffee and we were determined to give it to them. Based off of all our successes thanks to Kansas City coffee lovers (and even coffee lovers the world over), we think we’re really close to achieving our dream.

We tell ourselves our coffee isn’t perfect, even if your tastebuds beg to differ. This keeps us striving for perfection and creating a higher quality coffee than we ever thought possible. But we’re going to keep striving for perfection, because that’s what we believe our customers deserve.

And we’d like to thank you. Thank you for supporting the little air-roasters that could. Thank you for being adventurous enough to break away from your old coffee brand and give a local Kansas City roaster a shot. Thank you for helping us live the coffee dream and making it possible to produce the world’s best coffee.

Celebrate the past 20 years and toast to the next 20 years of The Roasterie coffee with our 20th Anniversary Platinum Edition Blend.