3 Refreshing Roasterie Cocktails to Try Before Summer is Over!

Sitting on the patio watching the sun set and sipping on a delicious cold cocktail is what summer in Kansas City is all about.  But summer is quickly ending, Kansas City, and we’ll be back to snowfall and freezing rain before we know it.  Let’s take advantage of the summer with some of our favorite new Roasterie cocktails!

These drinks (created and mixed by our friend Kenny Cohrs over at Café Trio) are super refreshing and will make it feel like summer in Kansas City all year long.  These cocktails are so refreshing, in fact, that they were featured on FOX 4 earlier this summer.  Try one (or all three!) for yourself:

Dizzy Dean

  • 1.5 oz -Dizzy 3
  • 1.0 oz -10 Cane Rum
  • 2 dsh -Aztec Bitters
  • 0.5 oz -cinnamon/nutmeg simple
  • Splash -Shatto Dairy half and half
  • Shaken, served up

Iced Trio 52

  • 3.0 oz -Concentrated Chilled Roasterie Toddy
  • 0.5 oz -Grand Marnier
  • 1.0 oz –Baileys
  • 1.0 oz –Kahlua
  • 2 dsh -whiskey barrel bitters
  • Stirred, served over ice

Lastly for all those non-drinkers out there:

Boulevard Orange Fizz

  • 6.0 oz -Chilled Roasterie Coffee
  • 4.0 oz -Shatto Dairy Chocolate Milk
  • 1.5 oz -fresh orange syrup
  • 1 dsh -Orange Bitters
  • topped -soda water
  • built in the glass and swirled

So break out your shaker and get on a patio to soak up the summer before the leaves begin to fall.  We want to send big thanks out to Kenny and the rest of the Café Trio team for creating these fantastic, refreshing Roasterie coffees inspired concoctions; as well as another big thanks to FOX 4!

Have a refreshing Dizzy Three inspired cocktail of your own? Share it with us on our Facebook page!