5½ Reasons to Take a Roasterie Coffee Factory Tour

So you love The Roasterie’s delicious coffee, but you want to get to know us a little better? Maybe you’ve even thought about taking a behind-the-scenes tour with us, but you weren’t sure what that entailed. Wonder no more! Here are the top five reasons you should join us on our next factory tour of the Roasterie:

1) Coffee tasting

Since all Roasterie tours are completely free, it’s like getting a free cup of coffee just for hanging out with us. However, only those most enthusiastic coffee drinkers get in on this little freebie! Just be sure you are one of the first two or three coffee lovers to raise your hand when we ask for a volunteer!

2) Meet your coffee before you drink it

Sure, you may know what a Roasterie bean looks like, but you’ve probably never seen it like this. During our tours, visitors get the chance to see what raw coffee beans look like compared to how they look post-roast. You’ll notice that before they are ready for your consumption, coffee beans are greener and heavier than the roasted beans you buy. It’s almost like the coffee version of popcorn.

3) The hair nets

You don’t have to dress up for us, but you do have to wear a hair net! We provide hair nets to all our visitors to keep our coffee clean and fresh for our customers. Not only will these make you fit right in with our workers, but you’ll look fabulous!

4) The towers of coffee

At the beginning of your tour, you’ll walk past many burlap bags of coffee beans stacked to the ceiling! If that’s not a coffee lover’s dream, we don’t know what is. This will also give you a glimpse of all the countries where we get our coffee. You’ll see signs from Panama to Ethiopia to Colombia! It’s like a quick trip around the world via coffee beans.


5) The smells!

All of your senses will be tantalized on a Roasterie tour! Not only will you see and hear the air-roasting process, you can’t help but smell it, too. This isn’t your freshly-brewed coffee smell, either. Your nose will be taking in the smells of the freshest coffee beans in the business from all around the world. It really makes our factory like a coffee lover’s heaven.

BONUS REASON: Our passion for coffee and our customers!

We love coffee and we love the people who love coffee. Roasterie tours are one of the best parts of our day because we get to spend it with people like you! You’ll not only gain a wealth of knowledge about coffee from our experts, but we’ll show you (not just tell you) how we create exceptional coffee for our customers.

Our commitment to you is one of the reasons why we worry so much about freshness. We know fresh beans are the best and that’s what we deliver. For example, on a Roasterie tour you’ll discover that if you order before 12:30pm, we’ll ship your coffee beans the same day to ensure you get the freshest beans possible.

We are also one of the few coffee companies that use bags with a special air-release valve. These valves help carbon dioxide to escape, while preventing oxygen from getting in. This keeps your coffee beans from going stale before their time (it also helps you get a whiff of the coffee before you open the bag!).

Are you ready to fly away with us? Book your free tour of The Roasterie today!