Adding a Little Varie-tea! The Roasterie Launches New Tea Line

For almost two decades we have been known as the connoisseurs of coffee. And it’s true—we know everything when it comes to beans, brews and baristas. But we’ve been hiding another secret expertise of ours. And now, it’s time to share it with you.

Here at The Roasterie, we are extremely proud to launch our first line of Roasterie Hot Tea! With six incredibly tasty flavors to choose from (including mango black tea, wild berry, earl grey, spearmint lavender, hibiscus ginger orange and English breakfast), it seems as if we have a favorite for everyone.

Why tea? As coffee’s distant cousin, tea contains similar caffeine qualities and is the second most consumed beverage in the entire world (in order: water, tea, coffee).

Without a doubt, there are coffee-drinkers and tea-drinkers (and sometimes the two go head-to-head, battling which hot beverage is better!). When you drink an 8oz cup of coffee, you will on average consume anywhere from 85-185mg of caffeine. Tea, on the other hand, usually provides about 15-70mg per 8oz cup. Both coffee and tea come in a number of different varieties (coffee can be drip, espresso, brewed, instant, decaf, plunger, filtered, etc. Tea can be white, green, oolong, black/red, post fermented, yellow, kukicha, chai, etc.). And although research is still being done about coffee’s fighting power against human disease, it has already been proven that tea contains tannin and catechin (both are associated with preventing cancer and heart diseases).

But we don’t care if you’re a self-proclaimed “coffee drinker” or “tea fanatic”. We’re just happy that we can provide you with two different types of caffeine every day. So go out on a limb and try out our Roasterie hot teas…they’re absolutely “tast-tea”!