A few weeks ago my best buddy since we were five years old, PJ, bought a used John Deere Gator at a garage sale for Terry. It was $25 and in near perfect condition, save for the worn out wheels. Since it came with a manual, Terry and I looked up the number to order parts and found the wheels that we needed. Thereafter, for the next five days, he accosted “Susie the mail lady” with a “DO YOU HAVE MY WHEELS, SUSIE???!!!” All Susie could do was just laugh and assure him that as soon as she saw them, she’d deliver them right away.
Well, the wheels arrived and we put them on and Terry has since become an expert driver. My dad taught me how to drive a Ford 8 N tractor when I was in kindergarten but Terry is going to be years ahead of where I was. He has named his Gator “Amelia” and it is symbolic of the summer that we’re having.
Each weekend we hit our little place in the country and Terry and the rest of us just feel totally free. We hike, drive tractors and Caterpillars and just play in the woods nonstop. It is the best summer of our lives and I feel totally grateful for all that I am blessed with. Family, friends and great staff…makes for a storybook summer more idyllic than the books I read to the kids each evening.
I’ve kind of fallen off the horse in terms of keeping up with the blog, Twitter, emails, etc. But, I’ve started yoga again (we are bringing an instructor to the plant where all staff can participate) and am going to attempt to do a better job of keeping up with communications. However, since the kids have come…just about everything in this world has taken a back seat to spending all the time that I can with them.
I hope that you have some kind of an “Amelia” in your life that can spark a childhood renaissance for you this summer. Make it the best one ever!