Announcing New Roasterie Single Serve Coffee

You asked and we listened! In just a few weeks, your Keurig® coffee brewers will be brewing a higher quality of coffee: Roasterie coffee. We know many of you love the convenience of your single serve coffee brewers and we didn’t want to leave your tastebuds hanging. Soon even our busiest customers will be able to sip delicious Roasterie coffee whenever they need an energy boost.

Finally the convenience of single serve coffee brewers will be paired with the quality you’ve come to expect from the Roasterie. Just like all of our bags of coffee, each Keurig® compatible single serve cup will be nitrogen flushed, ensuring that less than 0.05% of oxygen is sealed inside. This ensures your coffee will be perfectly fresh by the time you take your first sip.

Not only will this be the freshest single serve coffee you can buy, but it’s frankly more coffee. We love our customers and want to give them the same Roasterie coffee experience they love, even if it comes in a different package. So when we realized that most single serve coffee cups only come with 7 to 8 grams of coffee, we thought we could do you one better. That’s why Roasterie single serve coffee is filled with 11 grams of delicious Roasterie coffee.

But in true Roasterie-style, we couldn’t stop there. Sure, we’ve already made sure that our Keurig® compatible single serve coffee will give you more bang for your buck on top of being the freshest on the market, but we couldn’t resist making these little cups even more irresistible. So in addition to everything else, we’ve also made our single serve cups fully recyclable and filled with our six best-selling blends, including Betty’s Recipe, famous for evoking the taste of Snickerdoodle cookies.

Is your mouth watering yet? Soon you’ll be able to find all of these great little cups everywhere you buy Roasterie coffee today, including online and in our Kansas City Roasterie cafès