Announcing Our 4th Roasterie Adventure Semifinalist!

Now that our Roasterie Adventure photo contest has been running for one month, we are excited to announce our 4th semifinalist!  Congratulations to Mandi Anderson of Lenexa, Kansas!  You’re now entered to win our grand prize—a coffee bean-picking trip to Costa Rica!

Mandi’s adorable photo depicts her 3 month old daughter, Neva, at her first visit to The Roasterie.  The visit was very important to Mandi.  As a self-proclaimed “Roasterie fanatic”, Mandi can’t start the day until she has had her favorite Roasterie latte from her cafe.  Plus, the first date she went on after she had baby Neva was to The Roasterie with her husband.

“Winning the bean-picking trip to Costa Rica will let me take a break from being a stay-at-home mom,” explains Mandi.  “This is something I could really enjoy and do for myself!”

Mandi will join current semifinalists Amanda Loftin of Shawnee, Kansas; Holly Urkevich of Kansas City, Missouri; and Sara Danner of Raytown, Missouri to win the opportunity to fly to Costa Rica with The Roasterie team and participate in a coffee bean-picking adventure—an experience that started it all.

“This Costa Rica trip is very special and unique to me because it’s the place where the coffee journey began, way back as a high school foreign exchange student picking coffee with my friends,” says O’Neill. “We will have the chance to meet farmers who produce some of the world’s best coffee in one of the prettiest countries on the planet. The sunshine, mountains, rainforest, children, friends, farmers…it just doesn’t get any better than this combination.  It’s going to be an extraordinary trip that will likely be transformative in the life of The Roasterie Adventure winner.”

The Roasterie Adventure will run from January 1, 2013 until June 30, 2013.  Roasterie advocates and coffee fanatics everywhere are encouraged to upload their favorite Roasterie moments via photo at  Additionally, individuals are encouraged to participate by voting on their favorite photos here.  Good luck contestants!