Announcing Our 5th Roasterie Adventure Semifinalist!

It’s that time again! Time to announce our 5th Roasterie Adventure semifinalist! Congratulations to Jaime Scheickert of Prairie Village, Kansas. You’re now entered to win our grand prize—a coffee bean-picking trip to Costa Rica!

Jaime’s winning photo is of her and some of her best friends  at the top of Sunshine Peak in Colorado, right in front of a run called Cowboy Coffee.  Ever year, Jaime and 8 of her friends travel to Steam Boat Springs, Colorado for a ski trip.  And every time they go, they enjoy drinking coffee on the slopes.

“Coffee is one of the things we always pack when we head out there,” explains Jaime.  “And what better way for a girl to enjoy her coffee than at 10,000 feet with her best friends?”

And although we love The Roasterie cups in the photo, our favorite part has to be the sign.  The kicker?  It’s completely made out of toilet paper!  Why?  Jaime heard about The Roasterie Adventure from her Colorado condo, but didn’t have the resources to make a great Roasterie-inspired sign.  That’s when she and one her friends found a large roll of paper towels.  It seemed to do the trick!

Plus, Jaime spread some Roasterie love when she offered a bag of Roasterie coffee beans to the couple that took the picture at the top of the mountain.

So what would winning the coffee bean-picking trip mean to Jaime?

“It’s a new adventure,” she says.  “I am always looking for new experiences.  As a winner, you get to go to Costa Rica plus 10 tickets to the 20th Anniversary celebration.  I would invite all of my ski friends who helped make this picture possible.”

Jaime will join the current semifinalists to win the opportunity to fly to Costa Rica with The Roasterie team and participate in a coffee bean-picking adventure—an experience that started it all.  The other semifinalists are:

  • Mandi Anderson of Lenexa, Kansas
  • Amanda Loftin of Shawnee, Kansas
  • Holly Urkevich of Kansas City, Missouri
  • Sara Danner of Raytown, Missouri

The Roasterie Adventure will run from January 1, 2013 until June 30, 2013. Roasterie advocates and coffee fanatics everywhere are encouraged to upload their favorite Roasterie moments via photo at Additionally, individuals are encouraged to participate by voting on their favorite photos here.

Good luck contestants!