Announcing Our 9th Roasterie Adventure Semifinalist!

It’s that time again!  Time to announce our 9th Roasterie Adventure semifinalist!  Congratulations to Jeff Garfinkle of Boston, Massachusetts!  You’re now entered to win our grand prize—a coffee bean-picking trip to Costa Rica!

Jeff doesn’t just have a love for Roasterie coffee.  He has an addiction! Jeff and his wife are currently volunteering in Bhuj, Gujarat for three months.  When his parents recently asked what they could send them from Kansas City, without hesitation, he replied “a pound of Roasterie coffee!”.

Jeff and his wife are drinking Roasterie coffee all the way in Bhuj today (although it is a tea-drinking area!).  According to Jeff, it provides some “comfort” for him when being so far away from home.

Jeff is enthusiastic and excited about being entered to win a trip to Costa Rica.  He explains:

“I have loved coffee since I was a child (might explain some hyperactivity at times!), but over the years, I have grown more and more interested in both the art and science of what makes a great cup of coffee.  My daily routine has evolved  from the quick cups in highschool and at KU–from hastily dumping pre-ground coffee into an electric drip machine before class–through a few iterations to grinding fresh in a hand cranked grinder and spending a minute pouring steaming water into a Chemex often varying the grind size, water temperature and ratio of water to coffee.  As my appreciation has changed, and I have spent more time learning about what makes a good cup of coffee, I’ve yet to be able to  follow the process from soil to cup, but believe me, I would love to!  As if the opportunity to pick beans in one of the world’s most premiere coffee growing nations wasn’t enough, the opportunity to shadow such an expert in the field as Danny O’Neill makes this an unbelievably amazing chance!”

Jeff will join the other semifinalists to win the opportunity to fly to Costa Rica with The Roasterie team and participate in a coffee bean-picking adventure—an experience that started it all:

  • Lisa Finholm, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Lara Carlson of Alma, Arkansas
  • Jason Ebberts of Overland Park, Kansas
  • Jaime Sheickert of Prairie Village, Kansas
  • Mandi Anderson of Lenexa, Kansas
  • Amanda Loftin of Shawnee, Kansas
  • Holly Urkevich of Kansas City, Missouri
  • Sara Danner of Raytown, Missouri

The Roasterie Adventure will run from January 1, 2013 until June 30, 2013.  Roasterie advocates and coffee fanatics everywhere are encouraged to upload their favorite Roasterie moments via photo at  Additionally, individuals are encouraged to participate by voting on their favorite photos here.  Good luck contestants!