Around the Coffee Globe: The 5 Best Coffee Tourism Spots

Although Kansas City provides an array of coffee blends and cafés to visit, we can’t forget the places that have inspired all that is glamorous in our coffee scene nowadays.  From a recent blog by CoffeeKrave, we read about the top 5 destinations for coffee tourists.  What’s our reaction to it?  You’ll find out soon enough, thanks to the help of our Q Grader, Paul Massard.

1.  Brazil:  Known as the world’s best coffee producer, Brazil excels in its harvesting.  This agrarian yet active country is also a hot spot for adventurous tourists looking to experience city nightlife and more than just great coffee.

What Paul thinks of Brazil’s coffee scene:  It’s true–Brazil is one of the world’s hot spots for great coffee.  CoffeeKrave probably made it #1 because of the country’s gorgeous landscape.  Although it’s difficult to get to the farms, once you get there, it’s worth it.  The farms in Brazil are beautiful.

2.  Hawaii:  The volcanic sand has plenty of minerals to aid in the hundreds of plantations around the area.  Tourist-wise, Hawaii offers just about everything–from delicious coffee to gorgeous beaches. 

What Paul thinks of Hawaii’s coffee scene: Hawaii has smaller coffee farm tours and is one of the only places in the U.S. where you can grow great coffee.

3.  Seattle:  Though not the home of any coffee farms, Seattle is home to what many think to be the world’s best brewed coffee.  With so much variety and so much coffee knowledge floating about, this city draws in a majority of caffeine junkies and tourists.  There’s also a lot of local attractions (like the Seattle Art Museum) that could attract various age groups…maybe even the young tea drinkers of the family!

What Paul thinks of Seattle’s coffee scene:  Starbucks was founded in Seattle and the original Starbucks coffeeshop is there.  That is one of the main reasons Seattle is known for its coffee.  It’s the coffee culture that Seattle is absolutely famous for (and you can’t blame them with all that rain!).

4.  Indonesia:  Indonesia is home to three major areas of coffee growing, though not many have ever heard of its coffee.  Indonesia’s biggest coffee producer is called Java.

What Paul thinks of Indonesia’s coffee scene:  Indonesia is most known for its Sumatra blends.  This coffee is unique in that it is processed by using a semi-washed method, also known as “pulp natural”.  The most interesting part of Indonesia’s coffee scene is visiting the stone patios, where beans are left to dry.

5.  Italy:  When it comes to becoming a barista in Italy, it gets extremely competitive and serious.  But come on, how could espresso’s original home inspire anything but pure intensity among the amazingly caffeinated goodness?  Not only does Italy take the espresso lead, but it also leaves room for a weekend getaway to other European coffee havens like Paris, Vienna and Istanbul.

What Paul thinks of Italy’s coffee scene:  Italy is known for its coffee culture.  Italy even has cultural rules when it comes to coffee.  For example, you can only drink coffee with milk in the morning.  You must drink straight espresso in the afternoon.

We may not see Kansas City on CoffeeKrave’s top coffee tourism spots, but we’re getting close! And how couldn’t we at this point?  We’ve expanded our coffee scene so much in the past five years.  From coffee-related events to factory tours, events, dinner pairings and beyond, the Kansas City coffee culture is learning how to spread its strengthening wings.


Not only are there places around the world to spread your coffee fancy, but there’s a place right in your own Kansas City backyard. Plan your coffee tour today!