Bean Hangar Highlights: Interesting Events at the Roasterie

One of the great things about the Roasterie is that we provide so much more than coffee for Kansas City’s coffee lovers. Besides our commitments to quality, supporting our community and our fun factory tours, the Roasterie also has the Bean Hangar. While you may know that the Bean Hangar is the Roasterie’s event space, you probably haven’t imagined how customizable this Kansas City event space can be!

In order to inspire your inner-event planner or your next Kansas City event at the Bean Hangar, we checked in with Air Traffic Controller Jennifer Robinson to find out some of the great ways people have used our event space.

Crazy Cool Events: Roasterie-Style!

Coffee lovers don’t just have great taste, they’re chock-full of creativity. Everything from rehearsal dinners to weddings to corporate events have been housed in the Bean Hangar, all with each host’s individual flair.

“We had a rehearsal dinner for 100 people that was fantastic,” Jennifer said. “We created a Tuscan table so when the guests walked in, it was a big family dinner.”

Events in the Bean Hangar can get even bigger than a table set for 100! Take the Embry-Saskin wedding for example. This couple loved the industrial-feel of the production floor of our factory so much, they incorporated it – and the rest of the Roasterie – into their wedding. While the ceremony took place in the Bean Hangar, the couple also took advantage of the Roasterie café for cocktails and appetizers while their guests waited for the Bean Hangar to be transformed into the reception.

The bride, Hilary, chose to combine the industrial looks of the factory with decor of soft colors and candlelight to create her perfect event. The couple even opened up the garage doors that lead to the factory to allow the reception to get the full Roasterie experience of the production floor.

But the motto at the Roasterie is not “go big or go home.” Events of all shapes and sizes fit perfectly in the Bean Hangar. Take the wedding of Kansas City police officer Michelle Mills for example.

“She needed something chic but reasonable in price,” Jennifer said, “so we scheduled a Sunday brunch. She was married in the Bean Hangar and then we had brunch on the production floor.  It was very different, but perfectly done and the space met all of her needs.”

Waste Not, Want Not: Incorporating Coffee

Here at the Roasterie, we make use of every single coffee bean, whether it makes it into a cup of coffee or not.

“We use coffee beans a lot. We try not to throw anything away, so when we have extra beans they are used for decor,” Jennifer said. “For example, we’ll nestle beans in a mason jar with a candle.”

But coffee beans aren’t the only way we add our coffee-flair to events.

“We also use burlap a lot,” Jennifer added. “Burlap is mainly used for table decor. One bride brought in hay bales and covered them in fabric and burlap with burlap pillows to accompany her country-themed wedding.”

Not Just For Weddings

Although everyone loves a good Bean Hangar wedding, that’s not the only event the space is suited for! Whether it’s a cocktail party, networking or company event (or anything else you can think of), the Bean Hangar can handle it.

“I love cocktail parties in our event space because we can do a tour or networking event, create its own blend of coffee and host a cupping with 75 people all in the same space,” Jennifer said. “We’ve had several corporate cuppings and they’re a lot of fun.”

Why the Bean Hangar

As many of our coffee customers know, we are committed to quality here at the Roasterie. But that commitment isn’t limited to the drinks we make: it’s a part of everything we do!

“What sets us a part is our meticulous attention to all of the details,” Jennifer said. “Our job is to do the work. The day of [the clients] get to enjoy [their event]. From beginning to end, it’s effortless and I’m really proud of that.”

Want your next Kansas City event to take off in the Bean Hangar? Book your event today!