Bean Hunters Happenings

Well this mornings cupping was not as amazing as yesterdays…Decafs on the table, but surprisingly there were some really complex flavors of ripe fruit, vanilla and currant working together to really make some of them really memorable. It was an exciting morning overall as we were hosting some of our friends from The Arbor Day Foundation for a tour of our facilities and some tasting of their coffees. They sure were a fun and inquisitive group and that always makes for some great interaction, they even brought us some Blue Spruce’s , although I’m not sure but hoping that mine will grow inside my loft. After a fun and rewarding morning we said our goodbyes and I then made my transition from coffee taster to ice cream maker. I made a few batches of our secretly famous Super Tuscan Espresso Ice Cream for the soft opening of our café on Monday, so if you have not been lucky enough to get your hands on some yet. Make sure you make your way to our newest location at 119th and Roe, just 2 store fronts to the east the Apple store.

Paul Massard- Bean Hunter