Become The Office Hero with The Roasterie’s Cargo Coffee

It’s Monday morning. As you trudge into the office, you cannot help but notice the yawns, sleepy faces and puffy eyes of your coworkers in their cubicles. After an exhausting (but fun) weekend, the last place you and your coworkers want to be is sitting at your computers for 8 straight hours.

But then, your boss barges into the office proudly carrying The Roasterie’s Cargo Coffee pack. Suddenly, eyes start to widen and smiles begin to form.

Your boss is carrying a simple cardboard pack, complete with a valve for pouring. But it’s what’s inside the container that matters most. The Cargo Coffee contains some of the freshest coffee on the face of the earth—coffee straight from The Roasterie. But perhaps most importantly, Cargo Coffee made your boss look like the office hero.

It’s a fact—a good cup of morning coffee can make your day. And now, you can spread the coffee love by serving up freshly brewed Roasterie coffee from our brand new Cargo Coffee packs! It’s a great way to become everybody’s favorite coworker.

Not only is this coffee container easier to carry into the office, the Cargo Coffee option will also save you money! Instead of buying individual cups of coffee for the office, purchase Cargo Coffee and save some money! A penny saved is a penny earned!

And now, for a limited time, you can win a free Cargo Coffee from The Roasterie! Simply tell us why we should give your office free coffee on our Roasterie Facebook page and you’ll be entered to win! We will declare one winner every day this week (Monday through Friday)—5 chances to win! Yup, it’s that easy.

It’s time to solve the case of the Mondays, make Hump Day better and celebrate the 9 AM Happy Hour. You can do it all with Cargo Coffee from The Roasterie!