Believe in the Magic of Brookside Local

For nearly 100 years, Brookside has been about local—shops with unique local flavor, owned by local merchants and proprietors, where all the money stays in Brookside and gets reinvested into Brookside.

It’s a quaint, charming place—say old-fashioned, I’ll take that. Because on the periphery of Brookside, many neighborhoods have been swallowed up by the big-box mentality and national and international chains and have lost some of their special luster and appeal and along with that ambience, a large chunk of their economic power.

If you saw the news or spent a lot of time with your social media feed this weekend, you might have heard or read that an international coffee chain wants to come into Brookside. It’s important to note it’s not The Roasterie’s landlord—First Washington knows how special Kansas City is and how that positive attitude spills into and impacts neighborhoods like Brookside, in particular. Before First Washington, it was the Cosentino family—a truly class act that was the epitome of local. Although they probably could have sold us out to a national entity and tripled their revenue, they didn’t. And wouldn’t have, in a million years. First Washington “gets it”—Cosentino’s made sure of that—the absolute importance of buying and shopping local. They are committed to keeping the north side of 63rd St. special.

This isn’t about another coffee shop in Brookside and weighing the competition—there are at least seven or eight locally owned and operated coffee shops within walking distance from The Roasterie. They’re great neighbors, often working alongside us to donate to dozens of local causes. They march in our annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and have kids who play soccer in Brookside and are dedicated, like we are, to keeping the fabric of this beloved Kansas City neighborhood special.

This is about maintaining our local integrity, spirit and determination.

Another Kansas City-special neighborhood up the street from us, Westport, chose to stay local when a chain swooped in and started serving coffee not far from a locally owned coffee shop. “Not in my neighborhood” was the message from the people who live, work and shop in Westport. It’s my hope that our devoted customers—of Brookside, The Roasterie and all the other awesome locally owned shops—will send that same message and opt to stay local.

The Brookside Shopping District has thrived for generations with local businesses that make it a signature destination for Kansas City residents and visitors alike. The Roasterie has been fortunate to be part of the vibrant neighborhood since 2005. As one of those local business owners, I’m confident that the loyal support all of us enjoy and appreciate will keep Brookside a distinctive collection of locally owned and operated shops and businesses.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your continued patronage and, especially, for the belief in the magic of local.

Danny O’Neill


The Roasterie