Brew Like a Barista

Brew Like a Barista

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We have a crew of really talented baristas at all three of our Roasterie Cafe locations. They will make any drink to order exactly the way you like it, and with educated skill. But what do these coffee connoisseurs use when they are in the comfort of their own homes? How do they prefer to make coffee for themselves and their friends when they don’t have to be professional? We asked! Here are some of our baristas’ top home-brewing recommendations…

Rebekah (Factory Cafe) – Clever Dripper
“I like the Clever Dripper because it’s a mix between both the pour over and the French Press, it has a good balance to it. The “Clever” is one of the first ways I tried specialty coffee, and it kind of brings back good memories. It was the first time I ever had a cup of coffee that WOWed me.”

Stephanie (Brookside) – French Press
“At home I actually use something different than I use at work. At home, I use a French Press. I prefer coffees that are earthier in flavor, so typically coffees from Africa and Indonesia. And I think the method that is best for brewing those earthier, chocolaty flavors is the French Press.”

Allyson (Brookside) – V-60 Pour Over
“I use a V-60, and I use it every morning. I actually got rid of my drip coffee pot for a V-60. I like the flavor, and how easy it is to clean up after. It keeps things fresh every day.”

Hannah (Leawood) – French Press
“I love using the French Press at home. I really like that I can set it and leave it as it brews. I like that it brings out more complex flavors, and more of the natural oils of the coffee.”

Raquel (Brookside) – V-60 Pour Over
“I typically brew V-60 at home. It’s simple and it’s a lot easier to clean up than some of the other manual brewing methods.”

Joshua (Leawood) – Siphon
“I prefer the Siphon because it makes a full bodied coffee. With the bulb and burner, it’s really fun to use, and it kind of makes me feel like a scientist.  It accentuates the high notes in the flavor.”

David Jr. (Leawood) – V-60 Pour Over
“I use the V-60 Pour Over. It produces a nice, clean cup of coffee. I like the way it looks, and I like the way it produces a really bright cup. It’s also, you know, pretty easy to do.”

Janae (Factory Cafe) – V-60 Pour Over
“I like the pour over because you can get the most flavor out of it, and I think it is very artistic. You have the most control with a V-60 Pour Over. You get really unique flavors.”

There you have it, coffee lovers! These are the choicest home picks from some of the city’s top baristas. Stop by any of The Roasterie Cafés to pick up any of these manual brewers and advice from our expert baristas. Now go forth and brew!