Buying Coffee From The Roasterie Just Got Even Easier, You’re Welcome!

We strive to give our customers the world’s best coffee in a way that best satisfies their needs. Case in point our new K Cup® Compatible Single Serve lineup, it makes getting your Roasterie coffee fast, easy and convenient without sacrificing the Roasterie caliber quality you know and love. If you like to make things even easier and more convenient…then we have the set up for you.

Introducing the Autopilot Subscription Club, the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to get your favorite Roasterie coffee delivered right to your door. We created the Autopilot Subscription Club partly because the FAA won’t let us have drones, but mainly because we strive to give our customers the world’s best coffee buying experience. We are the world’s best coffee after all, right?

Oh, and did we mention that when you’re a part of the Autopilot Subscription Club you receive a 10% discount on your subscription coffee and tea orders? If you think that this means jumping through hoops and a ton of difficulty to join The Autopilot Subscription Club, well then you are sadly mistaken. Joining the club is super simply and here’s how:

  • Let’s say your most favorite coffee from The Roasterie is our Super Tuscan Espresso.  Simply go to the product page, select the amount of coffee you would like to purchase and how often you would like it delivered.
* Autopilot Subscription Club pro-tip: If freshness is your main concern order on a weekly basis, we only roast right before we ship.*
  • Once you make your selection, add it to the product cart. 

  • When you are finished shopping and your cart is full, proceed to check out where you’ll create your Autopilot Subscription Club account.  Once you finish creating your account, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Now before we take off we have a few inflight announcements to take care of.

  • Your Autopilot Subscription Club account is valid for one year.
  • During your yearlong flight with the Autopilot Subscription Club, feel free to move about the cabin by adding to or changing your order.
  • If at any time during your flight, you feel the need to cancel or suspend your order you may do so via your account dashboard.
  • Lastly, unfortunately your seat does not double as a flotation device as it is a computer chair and this is not an actual flight on an airplane!

Give the gift that keeps on giving all yearlong! Give yourself or a loved one the gift of an Autopilot Club Subscription.