Caffeinated America: Coffee and the US Presidents

Although coffee is most famously produced in countries like Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Brazil and Colombia, everybody’s favorite hot beverage has always been an American obsession.  There are coffee shops on every corner, coffee bars in thousands of corporate offices, even coffee competitions and contests.  Even America’s most well-known leaders have been obsessed with coffee of hundreds of years.  That’s right—many U.S. presidents couldn’t get enough of the caffeinated beverage.  And now that the election is well underway, we’re here to tell you exactly which US Presidents were the biggest fans of coffee:

1.       Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, was the one president that took coffee consumption to the next level.  As a matter of fact, it was Roosevelt who helped Maxwell House come up with the slogan “good to the last drop”, the exact sentence he said when drinking coffee in the home of Andrew Jackson in Nashville, Tennessee.  That must have been a pretty good cup of coffee, considering TR drank about a gallon of coffee per day!  TR’s son himself even stated that the President’s coffee cup was “more in the nature of a bathtub.”

2.      Warren G. Harding

Along with chicken pot pie, corn muffins and waffles, Warren G. Harding was also a big fan of coffee.  Close friends and family note that he would consume copious amounts of the hot, caffeinated beverage every single day.

3.      Ulysses S. Grant

For breakfast, Grant would often pair a super strong cup of coffee with Spanish mackerel, steak, bacon fried apples and flannel cake.  Talk about a hearty meal!

4.      Rutherford B. Hayes

Colonel Rutherford B. Hayes, the United States’ 19th President, was a lover of coffee himself.  During the Civil War, Hayes and his troops suffered greatly—they only had water drink and next to nothing to eat.  One of the most joyous moments was when the Supply Sergeant visited the troops and delivered hot coffee and warm meats.  Perhaps that’s why Hayes held coffee so close to his heart!

5.      Abraham Lincoln

Many have heard the quote “If this is coffee, please bring me some tea.  But if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.”  But where did this quote come from?  When traveling during the Civil War, good provisions were hard to come by.  But at one rest stop, Abraham Lincoln was served a hot beverage.  After a quick taste, Lincoln stated the now extremely famous quote.  So was it tea in the cup, or was it coffee?  No one knows for sure.  But we’re assuming it was tea.

Will our President be a lover of coffee like these previous 5?  !  It’s tough work being the President of the United States—we’d be surprised if he can make it through the day without a good cup o’ Joe!  Looks like we’ll find out!