Coffee Debate: What’s the Best After-dinner Coffee?

What’s your favorite Kansas City dinner? We had this discussion here at The Roasterie just a couple of days ago. We got a bunch of different responses: grilled ribeye from The American Restaurant, grouper from Story, the Z-man at Oklahoma Joe’s and many, many more. This discussion triggered another intense question.

What is your favorite after-dinner coffee?

A question like that can cause quite the stir here at our coffee plant. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re coffee fiends, so when it comes to having to pick a favorite coffee, it may be easier to pick a favorite kid (we’re joking, of course).

We were, however, able to narrow down our top 3 choices for the best after-dinner coffee on the market today. Our choices, all decaf blends, go great after any meal (from a fancy seafood meal at Bristol to a finger-licking rib dinner at Jack Stack). Here are our top 3 (in no particular order):

  • Midnight Rendezvous Dark Roast Decaf: Described as the “decaf for people who don’t like decaf”, the Midnight Rendezvous Dark Roast Decaf is the full-bodied decaf coffee that always delivers. How you should try it? May we suggest this coffee alongside a sliced tiramisu? From where? That’s your choice.
  • Super Tuscan Espresso Decaf: Chosen for its buttery-sweet and smooth flavor, our Super Tuscan Espresso Decaf is the perfect selection as an after-dinner coffee. How you should try it for the first time? Enjoy a well-aged filet mignon paired with dessert like a raspberry chocolate cheesecake mousse. From there, order your Super Tuscan Espresso Decaf and your taste buds will be in heaven.
  • Kansas City Blend Decaf: If coffee were a baseball player, the Kansas City blend decaf would be a mixture of Cal Ripken Jr. and George Brett—it always shows up and it always gets a hit. This reliable blend will never let you down. How you should try it? Hit up your favorite Kansas City BBQ joint and then stop by any of our Roasterie cafés to order a cup of our Kansas City Blend Decaf. It’s that simple.

Of course, this isn’t an end-all, be-all for our favorite after-dinner coffees. As a matter of fact, narrowing it down to these 3 was difficult. So what is your favorite Roasterie after-dinner coffee blend? Take a look at all of our decaf selections here to choose your absolute favorite.