Coffee Equipment You Can’t Live Without—A Great Coffee Grinder

There’s an abundance of cool coffee gear out in the marketplace, and new gadgets and toys come out every day.  It can be really easy to get caught up by the shiny finishes and cool features…but what’s the one piece of coffee equipment you really cannot live without?  The answer is quite simple (and maybe even a little obvious).  The best beans in the world must be paired with a killer piece of equipment in order to brew the perfect coffee blend—a great coffee grinder.

One of the most overlooked parts in coffee brewing process is the grind. The common misconception is that as long as the coffee is ground one way or another, it’ll be fine.  But here at The Roastier, we know that is just not the case.

We’re here to provide you with some tips about how to grind your coffee beans, what the best coffee grinders are and how you can start making the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had (and trust us, we got the inside scoop from our Q Grader, Paul Massard.  He knows what he’s talking about).

Timing is everything!

To achieve the best tasting coffee, it is best to grind whole beans as close to brewing time as possible.

The difference between a burr grinder and a blade grinder. 

Here at The Roasterie, we suggest using a burr or mill grinder instead of a blade grinder. You want to get your coffee grounds as consistent in size as possible and a blade grinder just can’t give you that like a burr grinder can.  A blade grinder cuts coffee unevenly, resulting in both small and large particles that don’t extract as well. Bitter coffee is a sign of over extraction, which means the coffee is ground too fine. On the other hand, too course of a grind (under extraction) will lead to a flat tasting coffee.

If you don’t own a burr or mill grinder and use a blade grinder instead, try testing out a burr grinder at your local home appliance store. Do your own personal taste test—we promise you’ll be shocked at the outcome.  Don’t get us wrong, though.  Some blade grinders actually work extremely well.  But when using a blade grinder, you just have to pay extra close attention to the beans to make sure that they are cut just right.

The perfect coffee grinder

The #1 recommendation from The Roasterie is to purchase the Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder. It’s a great investment for any home brewer and it gets the job done well! The Solis Maestro Burr Grinder allows you to grind fresh whole beans to whatever size you may need, depending on your brewing method. Plus this coffee grinder looks good too (and that never hurts!).

If your heart is still set on a blade grinder (which we don’t blame you—the price point sure is appealing!) be sure to invest in a good one, like the Bodum Blade Coffee Grinder.

What do ya say?  Are you ready to grind at home and unlock the best flavor coffee has to offer?