Coffee Lovers Rejoice: This is the World’s Best Coffee (For Real)

How many times have you walked by a coffee shop where a sign that reads “World’s Best Coffee” is displayed in the window?  Probably more than once.  But as we all know, these run-down coffee shops probably do not produce the world’s best cup of coffee.  And we also know that chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts don’t either.  So who does?  And what does the best cup of coffee even taste like?

We would like to introduce you to a blend of coffee unlike any other in the entire world.  It’s a coffee so perfect that even the biggest coffee lovers will go bonkers—it’s Costa Rican Geisha coffee from The Roasterie.

Costa Rican Geisha La Pira washed coffee is coffee that truly has it all.  It’s a washed version of coffee that holds a soft, citrus acidity with sweet cherry and floral notes.  Best of all, the Geisha blend boasts a smooth, creamy body sure to make any coffee lover smile (and admire).

According to our Q Grader, Paul Massard, the Geisha coffee is one of the best cups of coffee you will ever have in your life.  “The varietal is what makes the difference,” he says.  “It’s similar to wine.  You have different tree varietals that give you distinguishing flavor notes.  When combined with the perfect soil composition, you will get some amazing and distinguishing flavor characteristics.  The Geisha blend literally tastes like you’re chewing on flowers.  It’s amazing.”

The Geisha varietal of Costa Rica produces a very small amount of fruit, making the demand for the bean extremely high and the supply very short.  And although a 12 oz. bag of The Roasterie’s Geisha coffee will run you a pretty penny ($111.23), it’s well worth it.  As a coffee lover, how could you ever pass up the opportunity to taste the greatest cup of coffee in the world?