Coffee Spotlight: New Guinea Beans

In this edition of our coffee spotlight series, we’re heading to the world’s second largest island, New Guinea. Located in the southwest Pacific Ocean about 100 miles North of Australia and neighboring fellow coffee-producing country Indonesia, Papua New Guinea is home to the largest rainforests outside of South America. New Guinea is rich in culture with 860 known languages, but perhaps even richer in coffee!

Coffee as a Lifeline

Another important and vital part of New Guinea’s culture lies in its coffee production. With 38% of the population employed by New Guinea’s coffee production industry, coffee is the most valuable cash crop. While many other countries whose economies are driven by coffee production run a large scale growers model, New Guinea differs in that 85% of its coffee crop comes from small farms. Over 300,000 smallholder growers rely on coffee crops as their livelihood.

Fruits of Their Labor

New Guinea coffee farmers stand proud behind their coffee…and with good reason. Like the rest of our premium quality coffees, New Guinea produces Arabica beans that are grown at high altitudes in the Western Highlands province. The region’s growing conditions produce a coffee that has a clean flavor profile with a wide range of flavor notes, buttery body and delicate acidity. One aspect of New Guinean coffee not to be overlooked is its growing and processing procedures; because of the high cost of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, New Guinean coffee is naturally grown. It is also completely washed.  Thoroughly washing the beans yields a flavor that is both clean and sweet.

If you’re in the market for a lighter body coffee with fruity notes, then New Guinean coffee might just be your new slow sipping coffee of choice!

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