Coffee Storage Tips: How to keep your favorite beans fresher, longer

Here at The Roasterie we get a lot of questions about purchasing, storing, and preparing coffee. All of these factors are crucial to maintaining your coffee’s freshness and flavor. When trying to keep your coffee fresh, you have to look out for light, oxygen, and moisture. These three factors can really affect the way your coffee tastes.

At The Roasterie we only roast coffee to order. If you place an order before Noon CST, the coffee is roasted and shipped out that same day. Orders that are taken after 12:00 pm CST are roasted the following day and packaged and shipped out immediately after the roasting process.

Coffee Storage: Freshness Valves

After the coffee is roasted it is placed into metal film bags. The film protects the coffee from sunlight, oxygen, and heat by not letting them into the bags. The Roasterie bags contain a small valve on the front that releases carbon dioxide from the bag. If the valve was not there the carbon dioxide would build up in the bag and would cause it to burst on the shelf.

coffee freshness valve

The coffee bags we use are nitrogen-flushed, which creates a vacuum in the bag. It is flushed with nitrogen leaving only trace amounts of oxygen. This process is to ensure the coffee stays fresh for up to six months after the “roasted-on” date printed on the back of the bag. However, once the bag is opened it is recommended that the coffee is used immediately (within the week.)

When the coffee bags are open the beans are exposed to the oxygen in the air. Through extensive testing, we’ve found that whole bean coffee exposed to oxygen will be completely oxidized and void of aromatics after two weeks – ground coffee reaches this level in just two days! Knowing we want you to have the best-tasting coffee, we recommend that you purchase the amount of coffee that you will use within that time frame. After you open the coffee for the first time, keep it in the bag with the air squeezed out and the tin-tie tied down or use an airtight opaque container.

Can you put your coffee beans in the fridge? What about the freezer?

The answer is NO! The main reason that you don’t want to put your beans in the fridge or freezer is that every time you open your fridge or freezer you are changing the temperature inside the bag. This can cause condensation which causes moisture and deteriorates the beans.

In addition to light, oxygen, and moisture any strong odors can also affect the integrity of your precious beans. Coffee is like a sponge; it will absorb any smells that are around it. If you keep your coffee around onions it will actually start to taste and smell like onions.

Coffee Storage Tips

An opaque, airtight container like The Roasterie’s Airscape Can is perfect for keeping your favorite Roasterie beans fresh for your brewing pleasure! Its patented valve forces the air out of the container before locking the lid in place. The lid is clear so you can see the coffee level inside but does not let in ultra-violet light that can degrade the quality of the coffee. The durable exterior construction resists staining as well as odor and taste transfer.

Roasterie Airscape Can

Here at The Roasterie we are happy to help you with any coffee storage questions you may have. Contact us at 816-931-4000,, or stop by any Roasterie Café location!