Don’t Be Fooled: Make Sure You Have the Real VooDoo Coffee

It’s recently come to our attention that the Roasterie’s VooDoo blend of coffee isn’t the only one on the market. To make sure our customer’s get the Roasterie quality they expect, we wanted to set the record straight so there’s no need for confusion.

And the makers of the fake VooDoo blend do try to confuse you. Unfortunately, this other company asserts that it is, in fact, quality Roasterie coffee when it’s simply an impostor. However, there are some easy-to-spot differences between the real VooDoo coffee blend and the fake blend:

Don’t see a valve? It’s not The Roasterie!

Roasterie coffee bags are made of high-quality silver foil equipped with a one-way carbon dioxide release valve. Plus all Roasterie coffee bags are printed with the Roasterie logo. The impostor VooDoo blend comes in very different packaging of cheap black plastic with no valve or printed logo. Yuck!

Is your coffee bag suddenly missing a few beans? You may have picked up our imposter.

All Roasterie coffee bags, no matter the origin, are completely filled with delicious Roasterie coffee. We’re not stingy about providing our customers with all of the best coffee we can realistically fit into one bag. Our copy-cat, on the other hand, does not feel the same way about providing quality coffee. The impostor’s VooDoo blend is frankly less coffee and less quality than our delicious Roasterie coffee.

The Roasterie’s VooDoo was here first and it’s here to stay.

As you may have guessed, this impostor of our beloved VooDoo blend has not been around very long. The real Roasterie VooDoo blend, however, has been around since 1998. That’s when we developed our Dark Line of coffees, including creating original artwork for each specific blend – and the VooDoo blend was no exception.

We worked for a year developing the perfect blend, roast level and flavor profile because we couldn’t bring ourselves to create any substandard coffee. Due to our painstaking commitment to quality, the Roasterie VooDoo blend has been popular for over 15 years now and retains a loyal following.

Now that the VooDoo name has been cleared, come enjoy a cup with us at your local Kansas City Roasterie cafè!