Drink Coffee, Give Back: The Roasterie Cause Blends

Here at The Roasterie, we believe that giving back and helping the community is one of the best things we can do in our free time. Our lineup of Cause Blends, also known as “coffee for a cause”, has grown steadily over the years due in part to great charities wanting to work with us and our passion to help out the Kansas City community.

When you think about the concept of Cause Coffee, it really is a no brainer.  We get to join forces with charities, learn more about Kansas City causes and create great coffee. Plus, at the end of it all, we get the chance to put a portion of the proceeds right back into the charity! It’s a win-win situation.

But let’s not forget our customers in this equation either!  By purchasing any one of our Cause Blends, you’re giving back to the namesake charity and getting superior coffee all in one swoop.  Now that’s a win-win-win!

10% of all Cause Blend sales go directly back to the charity that the blend is associated with. 

How Can I Create a Cause Blend with The Roasterie?

Each one of our Cause Blends starts with a phone call from a nonprofit organization. From there, we schedule a cupping here at The Roasterie plant in order to create a signature blend that embodies the soul of the organization (and we’ll be there to help you make it taste great!). All of the Cause Blends are sold by the organization as well as on our website. Most importantly, 10% of all sales go directly back to the organization.

What’s the Most Popular Cause Blend?

Currently, our most popular Cause Blend is the “Susan G. Komen” blend.  The pink inspired blend is a hit with everyone, including a local football franchise that wears red (*cough* Chiefs *cough*).

There are many charities that we work with in order to make Cause Blends–and all are delicious!  All of our Cause Blends are near and dear to our hearts–from the Danny Boy Blend to the “Check, Please!” Blend, and all others in between.

Which Cause Coffee Should I Buy?

The only downside of our Cause Blends is choosing which one to buy. With other coffee companies, this would not be a big issue, considering most coffee providers only sell special blends like these for a limited time.  We think that supporting charities isn’t a limited time thing and that’s why we offer all our Cause Blends year-round. We know that there is no such thing as a better charity and that’s why we try to make it easy to support as many as we can!

Is your nonprofit organization in need of different fundraising opportunities? Contact us today to create a Cause Blend of your own.