Falling in Love With Coffee: Bean Hunter, Paul Massard

Most people know the story of when and how The Roasterie’s Bean Baron fell in love with coffee. It goes a little something like this:

On Nov. 22, 1978, Danny O’Neill picked his first batch of coffee beans in the mountainous, coffee-growing region around the Poás volcano while studying abroad in Costa Rica. Right then and there, he fell in love with the country, the people and the coffee—especially the coffee… (Read the rest here).

But what about the rest of The Roasterie team? Our Bean Hunter, Paul Massard, didn’t necessarily have one, single moment. In fact, coffee has just always been a part of his life, even when he didn’t really like it:

“Being born in Colombia, to Colombian parents, I would say that coffee is in my blood. I don’t think I can recall a morning when my parents didn’t have three to four cups of coffee, and I won’t lie: at a younger age I was not really a big fan. My mother and sister would always drink Café con Leche, and I would stick to the good, old orange juice.

“I first really fell in love with coffee when I first learned to cup and evaluate it. As a college student, I drank coffee for the same reasons everyone else did: to stay awake and study. But during the summer of my sophomore year, I was working as an accounting/finance intern at a coffee roaster. There, I was given the opportunity to sit and evaluate coffee with the company’s tasters and buyers.

“Sitting at that table I first realized that coffee was an amazing and complex creature with so many subtle and complex nuances. From that day, I have loved coffee for all that it is — away to provide caffeine and that little pick me up, all of the lives it touches and enriches throughout the coffee process, as well as those powerful rides it takes my pallet through.”

When did YOU first fall in love with coffee?