First Three Roasterie Adventure Semifinalists Announced!

In honor of our 20th anniversary, we are excited to announce The Roasterie Adventure, a photo contest in which participants are entered to win trip for two for coffee bean-picking in Costa Rica!

We are asking participants to submit a photo that portrays The Roasterie brand in day-to-day life (through the Roasterie name, logo, product, café, factory or other representation). After submitting, participants must encourage their friends, family members and loved ones to publicly vote for their photo. The fourteen photos with the most votes (plus an extra winner from our recent Mug Shot Photo Contest) will advance to the semifinal round. A final winner will be selected by a panel from The Roasterie!

“There are thousands upon thousands of people who have, in some way, been touched by Roasterie coffee in the past 20 years,” says Danny O’Neill, our very own Bean Baron. “From first-time meetings to important interviews, even proposals that have taken place in our own cafés! Drinking coffee is an experience and we want people to share their favorites with us. We want consumers—whether they’re Roasterie customers or coffee fanatics—to celebrate 20 years of coffee experiences with us.”

Every two weeks, one semifinalist will be selected by online popular vote. In the first week, three semifinalists will be selected, including one winner from The Roasterie Mug Shot Photo Contest and two from The Roasterie Adventure campaign. Now that The Roasterie Adventure has been running for over two weeks, we are thrilled to announce our first three Roasterie Adventure semifinalists, one of whom is Amanda Loftin of Shawnee, Kansas.

Amanda Loftin’s winning photo of her son, Dakota.[/caption]

“I’ve always been a huge fan of The Roasterie,” explains Loftin. “It’s my dad’s favorite coffee and I always give him a few bags of coffee for Christmas. I took a tour of The Roasterie a few weeks back and heard about The Roasterie Adventure photo contest. It was opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

Loftin’s photo, which portrays her son, Dakota in front of The Roasterie mural in downtown Kansas City, was taken when Amanda and her family drove 20 minutes from Shawnee to KC for lunch with a friend. Out of pure coincidence, Loftin had brought her camera and decided to capture some memories with her children in the city they love.

“We have raised two children and a product of that was been a lack of time and money to take vacation,” explains Loftin. “Costa Rica is a place my husband and I have always wanted to go. I’m a nerd—I want to see where my coffee comes from!”

In addition to naming Amanda Loftin as one of the first semifinalists, we have also named two other semifinalists. The first, Holly Urkevich, the winner of The Roasterie Mug Shot Photo Contest as well as Sara Danner, a Raytown resident who currently works as a barista at the Sprint Headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas.

Holly Urkevich’s winning Mug Shot photo.[/caption]

Sara Danner enjoying her Roasterie coffee at Loose Park.[/caption]

“I am obsessed with coffee,” Danner explains. “It sounds cliché, but going to Costa Rica would be a dream come true. I love to soak up any knowledge of coffee that I can. I’m an encyclopedia for coffee!”

“This Costa Rica trip is very special and unique to me because it’s the place where the coffee journey began, way back as a high school foreign exchange student picking coffee with my friends,” says Danny. “We will have the chance to meet farmers who produce some of the world’s best coffee in one of the prettiest countries on the planet. The sunshine, mountains, rainforest, children, friends, farmers…it just doesn’t get any better than this combination. We are surrounded by farmers who love how we roast their coffee and how we do business. In some cases, our relationships with these farmers go back nearly 15 years! In addition to bean picking, we will also stop at preschools that we help support and see firsthand how we’ve been able to make a difference. It’s going to be an extraordinary trip that will likely be transformative in the life of The Roasterie Adventure winner.”

The Roasterie Adventure will run from January 1, 2013 until June 30, 2013. Roasterie advocates and coffee fanatics everywhere are encouraged to upload their favorite Roasterie moments via photo at Additionally, individuals are encouraged to participate by voting on their favorite photos here!  Good luck contestants!