Follow The Roasterie Bride: Hilary (Part 2)

KC Event Space

Here at the Roasterie, we love coffee and we love people, but we especially love when people who love coffee love each other! That’s just one of the many reasons we are so excited to be hosting the wedding of one of our favorite Kansas City couples, Hilary Saskin and Jim Embry. You may remember them from this post, but we wanted to catch up and see how planning for their wedding in the Bean Hangar event space was going.  

And we discovered that everything is going great! It turns out when coffee-lovers plan a wedding, they don’t wait around to do it at the last minute. (We suspect it has something to do with the caffeine.)

“After we got engaged we got on [planning] it right away,” Hilary said. “There’s really nothing left to do, actually. I’m dropping off decor at the Roasterie on Monday [Oct. 7]. I’m going to get a massage and I’m going to get my nails done [the week of the wedding]. That’s about it. The reception is done and we just get to enjoy it now.”

And there will be a lot to enjoy! Not only are some of the best people in town celebrating their union, but Hilary plans to transform the Bean Hangar event space into the most romantic spot in Kansas City.

It’s a factory; very hard, very industrial,” Hilary said, “But our decorations are really soft and romantic. We’ll have soft colors with candlelight, things like that. It’s very romantic.” It’ll be a great contrast.”

KC Event Space

The Saskin-Embry wedding will utilize everything the Bean Hangar event space has to offer. The ceremony and reception will mostly be housed in this Kansas City event space extraordinaire, but the couple will also be opening the garage doors that lead to the factory, allowing the reception to bleed into the factory a little bit and really get the Roasterie experience.

“I liked how open and bright it was. Because it’s a different space, we’re able to do a lot with it,” Hilary said.

But the Bean Hangar isn’t the only thing that excites Hilary about her wedding at the Roasterie. The coffee sure helps, too!

“It’s not the thing that made me choose the Roasterie,” Hilary said, “but I’m a big coffee drinker and I love their coffee!”

Almost immediately after the wedding, the couple will be off on another adventure in true Roasterie style: their honeymoon. The two love-beans have planned a romantic and relaxing getaway to Cancun for a week to just enjoy their new life together.

“It’s an all-inclusive resort, but we don’t have any plans once we get there.”

We wouldn’t have it any other way, Hilary!

If you’re ready to start your wedding adventure, call us to book the Bean Hangar for your special day!