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Coffee and weddings may not seem to go hand-in-hand at first, but here at The Roasterie, we sure think they make the perfect match!  As a matter of fact, our newly opened Kansas City event space, The Bean Hangar, has become a go-to venue for brides from near and far.  One of these brides is Michelle Mills (soon to be Mrs. Hon!).

Roasterie Fate

Michelle met her groom, Michael Hon a little over two years ago.  Michelle, a police sergeant, immediately fell for Michael at a spiritual retreat in Olathe, Kansas.  After the retreat, the two stayed up until 5 o’clock in the morning talking on the phone planning their first date.  They decided to take her dog walking at Loose Park the following morning.  Unfortunately, because the two stayed up so late chatting, they were exhausted for their date.  As fate would have it, they decided to stop at The Roasterie Brookside location before the date for a caffeinated pick-me-up.

But it gets even better.  To recreate their first date, Michael decided to propose to Michelle at Loose Park this past April.  Fate showed up again when Michael secretly made sure his own homemade batch of coffee didn’t live up to the couple’s standards the morning of the engagement (the two are hardcore coffee drinkers: they roast and grind their own beans and are known for giving coffee as Christmas gifts!).  Since their coffee was sub-par, the couple swung by The Roasterie for a daily fix.  Michelle noticed that Michael was incredibly antsy when in line at the cash register.  She soon learned on the park bench in Loose Park that he was nervous to pop the big question and to be on time for the 20+ people who had been hiding in the park to witness the event.

Michael proposes to Michelle on a bench in Loose Park (notice the Roasterie coffee cup!).

And believe it or not, Michael and Michelle’s Roasterie love doesn’t end there.  Today, the two are planning an intimate, morning wedding at The Roasterie Bean Hangar event space.  Michelle learned of the Kansas City event space while patrolling and immediately had to see it.  Once again, it seemed to be fate.

Michelle’s Bean Hangar Dreams

Michelle and Michael are not having a typical wedding.  The two are hosting an intimate, 85-guest morning reception followed by brunch at The Bean Hangar.  Michelle’s vision is to create an elegant, clean and crisp feel accented with brown, orange and green tones.

“I love the fact that The Bean Hangar is an atypical wedding space,” explains Michelle.  “I think it’s very hip and urban, yet it’s small enough to be intimate.  The fact that our reception will be on the floor of a functioning coffee production plant is original, with amazing sights and smells.”

I’m Gettin’ Married in the Mornin’

To stand out from other weddings, Michael and Michelle are planning a nondenominational morning ceremony followed by brunch.

“I want guests to feel like they’re having a cozy, relaxed church experience on a Sunday morning,” says Michelle.  “We want people to start the day with a beautiful ceremony and communion and then enjoy bacon, waffles, biscuits and gravy, Bloody Marys and mimosas.  Plus, instead of cake, we are going to have cinnamon rolls!  Then guests have all of Sunday afternoon to relax.”  Of course, the couple will also be serving up delicious Roasterie coffee.

Michelle and Michael’s closest friends and family (some present above at the proposal) were invited to the 85-person ceremony and brunch.
The couple now uses The Roasterie coffee cup as a stirrer holder…and a reminder of their special day.

Help From The Roasterie Event Staff

When it comes to planning her wedding, Michelle is completely at ease.  She attributes her calm and relaxed approach to wedding planning to Jennifer Robinson, The Roasterie event coordinator.

“Jennifer has bent over backwards to make sure all of our questions were answered.  She has been so accommodating with helping us, even when we are having our wedding on an odd day and time,” she says.  “Jennifer has a lot of experience, yet a down-to-earth and enthusiastic attitude.  One of the reasons I feel so relaxed is because I am confident in her abilities.”

Small Coffee Touches

Michelle has also greatly benefitted from utilizing chairs, tables, table cloths and microphones all included with The Roasterie Bean Hangar event space.  The couple will take advantage of the coffee-inspired location by utilizing old coffee bags as unique table cloths and providing party favors made of a mix of covered coffee beans.  In addition, the bride hand painted these special coffee mugs to honor the big day:

The Final Details

Michelle and Michael will be married on August 11, 2013 at The Roasterie’s Bean Hangar event space.

  • Table décor: The Roasterie
  • Catering:  Plaza Catering
  • Flowers:  Made by Michelle’s sister (and maid of honor)
  • Vows:  Personally written by the couple themselves!
  • Honeymoon:  Bora Bora

Want to celebrate the biggest day of your life in one of the most unique Kansas City event space? Book your wedding at The Bean Hangar!  Contact Jennifer for more information