Get Our Tri Hita Karana of Bali Roast Before It Runs Out!

Tri Hita Karana of Bali, one of our most special reserve coffees (also known as a micro-lot coffee), is almost gone! If you haven’t tried it yet, now is your time as we are down to our last 100 lbs of the Tri Hita Karana of Bali!

This coffee is what we call full fruit-forward with intense notes of dried berries and plums.  You will also notice that it has a lighter acidity and heavier body which is consistent with most naturally processed coffees.  Along with the heavy fruit notes, you will find a nice dark chocolate undertone that only increases on the finish.

If you’re already a Bali lover, this is your last chance to stock up on this delicious coffee until next year’s crop comes in!  Get it now because as you know—micro-lot coffee beans won’t be available forever!