Get The Roasterie’ s High Reserve Coffees Before They’re Gone!

 If you’re the type of person who loves all things exclusive and limited edition, then you’ll fall in love with our very limited high reserve coffees. These 6 high reserve coffees hail from 3 of our most popular origins. Not only are they extremely rare but they’re also extremely delicious. These are some of the world’s very best coffees, and worth trying before they’re gone! So what are these rare high reserve coffees we speak so highly of?

Don Quijote Of Costa Rica Variety Pack

This stable of coffees features beans from the Don Quijote estate in Costa Rica. This variety pack is so special because they’re the same beans processed three different ways.  Consisting of 12oz of each of these coffees, available in your choice of grind or whole bean:

  • Don Quijote of Costa Rica
    Washed processed; This Don is known for its lush, sensuous aroma mated with a rich bold flavor that melts in your mouth. A true “all-in-one” coffee that never disappoints.
  • Don Quijote of Costa Rica Honey Processed
    We only produce a handful of coffees that are honey processed and this is one of the best. Notes of candied fruit, apricot, sweet citrus grapefruit acidity and a long clean finish.
  • Don Quijote of Costa Rica Natural
    Fruit forward with intense notes of dried berries and pomegranate. A creamy body with notes of milk and dark chocolate on the finish makes this a chocoholics dream. Delicious!

Ethiopian Sidamo Natural Reserve

This coffee originates from Ethiopia’s Sidamo region. Natural processing gives this coffee a fruit forward natural with a syrup-like body. Lower yet well-structured acidity and notes of sweet ripe raspberries and dried blueberries that transform into a unique long lasting apricot finish.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Ayinage Reserve

From the Ayinage farm in Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe region, this fully washed coffee has a sweet and delicate cup, a cleanly mild black tea-like body, and pleasant citric acidity with notes of ripe citrus and sweet red berries.

Guatemala Villaure Cup of Excellence 2013

This truly unique coffee placed 20th in the 2013 Guatemalan Cup of excellence auction. If you like things rare, then this is your coffee. We were only able to purchase 100 pounds of this award winning coffee, so when it’s gone it is gone for good! A washed coffee that has all the characteristics you would look for in a truly great Pacamara Varietal. It has that sweet herbal note that makes it all the way through to the end of the cup.  A soft, citrus acidity with sweet lemon and floral notes is combined with a smooth, creamy body.

Every adventurer is looking for treasure of some kind and these high reserve coffees are just one of the many treasures we find along our adventure. They only exist for short periods of time so when they’re gone, they’re gone for good. True Bean Hunters know to get them while they last.

Be sure to check our reserve page often, you never know what we might find next!