Get To Know The Roasterie Barista Evelyn Orozco

If you’ve paid a visit to any of our three cafes in the Kansas City/Leawood area, then you have probably encountered Miss Evelyn Orozco as she splits her time between all three locations! Evelyn is an energetic barista who takes her coffee skills very seriously.  We recently sat down with Evelyn to learn more about her and her love for The Roasterie:

1.       Where did you grow up?

I am originally from Minnesota, but I moved to Kansas City in 2011.

2.       How did you get introduced to coffee?

My friend’s family opened a small coffee shop in town and that is when I truly fell in love with coffee.

3.       Why the Roasterie?

The Roasterie is a small local company and I respect and support local businesses striving to help customers receive the best coffee in the world.

4.       How long have you worked for The Roasterie?

I have worked for The Roasterie for 3 years.  I have worked at all three Roasterie Cafes.  I can’t say one café is better.  They each have unique qualities that make them their own.

5.       What is your favorite Roasterie coffee?

The New Geisha Candellila.  It is expensive, but it is worth the splurge.  I can’t get enough of the Central American coffees!

6.       What is your favorite part about being a Roasterie barista?

I love meeting new people and interacting with regular customers.  We are basically local coffee bartenders.  Helping those get their coffee fix for the day is my pleasure!

7.        What does it take to be a great barista?

It takes plenty of dedication and passion for coffee.  Always have a good attitude and be willing to try new things.

8.       What is the most surprising thing a barista may run into on the job?

You can never underestimate what customers like to mix with their specialty drinks.  It is a fun experience and I am always willing to try new things…especially new flavors!

9.       What makes Roasterie coffee so special?

Roasterie coffee is air roasted which makes it evenly roasted.  We care about how and where the coffee comes from and we take the time to carefully choose great people to represent the company.

10.   If you had to drink one blend for the rest of your life what would it be?

Kansas City Blend because it is the best mixture of smooth and strong.

Currently Evelyn spends most of her time at the Roasterie Factory Café located at 1204 W 27th Street.  The Factory Café has everything one needs for a fully caffeinated life, from the free coffee tours to the various coffee drinks and food items. Visit us when you’re in the area or check out one of our other café locations!