Going Green With Coffee Grounds

Coffee makes the world go round. But even more than something we consume, coffee serves as something we can recycle to better the world around us. Here is a couple of ways to reuse your coffee grounds:

Pest repellant:

Have you noticed any ants, slugs, or snails hanging around your garden? If so sprinkle some coffee grounds around the area to keep those pests away.


For stubborn grease on pots and pans, coffee grounds do the trick. This will help get messes off without the use of harsh chemicals.


Coffee grounds have tons of nutrients that help plants grow. The high acidic content makes for a perfect fertilizer for plants that need it the most, such as rosebushes, carrots, and radishes.


Is baking soda just not doing the trick? Coffee absorbs scents from the environment. Use a small amount of dry coffee grounds to freshen up your fridge.

Soften skin:

Looking for a product to brighten your skin? Combine used coffee grounds with honey and apply to face as a facial scrub. The grounds will act as a gentle exfoliant, waking up your skin for a fresher look.