Help Us Build Our Bean Corps!

From helping us pass out coffee at Brookside Soccer games to packing food at Harvesters with us, we have had the pleasure of working with a ton of amazing Roasterie volunteers.  Our coffee and our culture would not be the same without these people who dedicate their time and energy toward our community efforts.

We are looking for even more incredible volunteers who are passionate about coffee, love the Roasterie and want to give back to the community this fall and winter.  We are building our Bean Corps!

Bean Corps is The Roasterie’s volunteer “street team”—a vital part of our public presence at tours, special events and company volunteer efforts.  In other words, our coffee world would not go ‘round without our Bean Corps family.

Bean Corps members help us with everything that is The Roasterie—factory tours, food packing at Harvesters, staffing tables at events and even grocery store demonstrations.

Each Bean Corps member does not go unrewarded.  In fact, everyone involved in the Bean Corps gets some pretty awesome swag including a 12-oz bag of Roasterie coffee every month, t-shirts, a volunteer appreciation party, access to special events, their very own bean name and entry onto Roasterie-sponsored teams for area races and walks!

Oh, not to mention satisfaction and smiles from helping further The Roasterie’s mission of helping the hungry in Kansas City!

If you’ve been looking for an ideal volunteer opportunity, what are you waiting for!?  The Roasterie Bean Corps is for you!  To learn more or to sign up to volunteer, check out our Bean Corps page and start giving back to the community with The Roasterie!