Holiday Greetings from The Roasterie

Dear Roasterie Friends and Family,

Happy holidays everybody!!! It is so my favorite time of the year that I can hardly stand it! I always love Christmas but it is at least ten times more fun now with the kids:)!

A couple of weeks ago I read an article in the paper about Tami Greenberg, who had recently turned 40. She was feeling down and beginning to wonder if her best years weren’t already behind her. But she caught herself and started thinking about all the things she had to be grateful for. She immediately felt better and decided to perform 40 acts of kindness over the ensuing year; and she would perform each good deed in someone’s name, someone who was or had been very special and impactful to her. And then she’d let that person know how special they were to her.

The story just brought tears to my eyes, particularly because I was laying in bed with my precious son next to me. I was immediately grateful for the Star for their awesome reporting on those in our local community in need; and just as importantly, what regular folks like Tami are doing to help them.

I immediately made my list, going all the way back to Mrs. Buckley, my kindergarten teacher in Denison, Iowa. It only took a few minutes for me to come up with a list of over 50 people who had significantly impacted my life in positive, often times, life-altering ways.

So I endeavored to commit to 50+ random, but somewhat planned, acts of kindness over the next year. But as I thought about it, I felt compelled to act…before Christmas. And I realized that if I did, I would not be able to invest the hours of hands on, compelling work that Tami did; I’d probably be donating presents and many times, money. Then the Star came through yet again with another article about the number of kids going hungry in our great community and it made me cry all over again.

A few days later I met Scott M. Chrostek, Pastor, of Resurrection Downtown. I had told him how much our family appreciated being able to take Tippin’s Pies to his church on Thanksgiving and how the kids loved helping others. I mentioned the article on Tami and how I was inspired by folks like he and her and about my secret plan to copy them. Pastor Scott encouraged me to blog about it but I think I blurted out “no” before he could finish his sentence. But he went on to explain that sometimes our acts can inspire others, just as I had been inspired by Tami and by the folks at the Resurrection Downtown church. I promised him that I would think about it and a few days later I changed my mind.

My first stop was Sister Berta and Operation Breakthrough. My second will be Harvesters with the Backsnack program. They are just two of the hundreds of worthy local organizations trying to ease the pain, hunger and suffering of those less fortunate in our own great city. I already feel a tenfold increase in gratitude for everything that I have, beginning with my family and my awesome Roasterie Beanmates.

This has positively nothing to do with guilt or shame, but everything to do with making YOU feel better and making these the best, most joyous holidays ever; and helping out those in need in the process. I can almost guarantee that you’ll feel an immense sense of gratitude and warmth that will carry you through the holidays and beyond. And we realize that not everyone has the time nor the resources to reach out. But for those who can, you’ll love how you feel.

From all of us at The Roasterie, we wish you Godspeed during this special and blessed holiday season. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and hope that the coming days are full of joy and celebration. We are very keen on 2014 and it’s an awesome time to be a part of Kansas City:)!

God Bless,

Danny and Team Roasterie