Host Your Next Cultural Event at The Bean Hangar!

Perhaps the best part of our new Kansas City event space, The Bean Hangar, is its ability to transform to fit any event.  Our event space is simple, modern and industrial and with a few unique touches and strong vision, is the perfect space for any theme.

We’re proud to host a wide variety of events at The Bean Hangar–from birthday parties to Bar Mitzvahs, from Quinceañeras to fundraisers, from business luncheons to a variety of different weddings (Indian, Muslim and traditional weddings are just three types we are hosting soon!)–we can do it all here at The Roasterie.

But we wouldn’t be able to pull off all of these cultural and important celebrations without Jennifer Robinson, AKA our Air Traffic Controller.

Jennifer joined The Roasterie team in January of 2013 with unparalleled event experience.  Jennifer has worked in the event industry for many years at notable places such as the Nelson-Atkins Museum and Lon Lane Inspired Occasions.  But of all of the event spaces that Jennifer has worked in, The Bean Hangar seems to be the most flexible.

“We are very respectful to tradition and what our clients want for their cultural events,” explains Jennifer. “If I don’t already know the traditions, I will learn them.  We aren’t afraid to try any event!”

The Bean Hangar has a highly industrialized, unspecified look that lends itself to many different celebrations.  In addition to the space’s flexibility is Jennifer’s willingness to support and manage the events before, during and after they happen.

“I’m the first one in and the last one out of all of our events,” she says. “I don’t want the client to have to do any of the work.  It’s my job to make the client’s life easier.”

Many other Kansas City event spaces do not offer a planner along with their rental fee–but The Roasterie does.  Therefore, when you spend $5000 to rent The Bean Hangar on a Saturday night, Jennifer–your event planner–comes with it!

Plus, to keep the theme of coffee alive, The Roasterie offers all clients of The Bean Hangar the chance to create their own custom blends!  Currently, many brides are taking advantage of this opportunity by creating a blend with their groom and serving it up with wedding cake in our cupping room during the event.

“People love our coffee.  When they find out that we offer an event space on top of that, they are enamored,” explains Jennifer. “Many of our Bean Hangar clients ‘honor the bean’ with us.  That’s why we’re here and it’s what we’re all about.”

Interested in renting The Bean Hangar event space for your next event?  Email Jennifer at and get that party started!