How Much Is Too Much Caffeine?

At one time or another, we’ve all had a little “too much” coffee.  You know that slight jittery feeling you get when you just drink too much caffeine?  It’s the kind of thing you learn your lesson from quickly.  But it’s up to you to determine how high your “tolerance” for caffeine is.  After all, we all have different tolerance levels for caffeine.  For some, all it takes is a cup of coffee and they feel alive and alert.  For others, it takes 6 or 7 cups.

The average recommended caffeine limit for adults is about 400 mg.  A 12 oz. cup of Roasterie coffee has about 120 mg of caffeine in it.  Meaning about three cups of Roasterie coffee a day should be your limit.  Our Q Grader, Paul Massard has an extremely high tolerance for caffeine and has been known to have somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 cups of coffee during a long day of cupping. So with that in mind, Paul has been known to consume four times the recommended 400 mg limit.  Good thing he’s got some impressive tolerance for caffeine (and less we not forget his enhanced tasting ability and supersonic slurps!).

So if Q Graders and other coffee experts like Paul drink over 15 cups of coffee a day, how have they not “overdosed” on caffeine?  Keep in mind that the 15 cups isn’t consumed all at once—it’s throughout a whole day. During that time, the body has plenty of time to process the caffeine in a safe way.

Everyone’s body is different. We all metabolize things differently. A recent article in the Daily Coffee News went more in depth on the concept of caffeine over-consumption.  The recommended “safe” level of caffeine (400 mg) is an average over a population (not to mention that data is 10 years old).

There are many factors that go into how your body handles caffeine such as genetics, height, weight and even gender. Because men naturally have higher levels of testosterone, which aids metabolism, men are able to metabolize stimulants like caffeine faster and more efficiently.

So what is a safe amount for you?

Take into account the above factors and use your own discretion. If you’ve ever experienced what we talked about at the beginning of the article, you probably already know your limit. We also don’t advise trying to find your limit by consuming as much coffee as you possibly can. We’d rather you enjoy our coffee like a fine wine than to binge drink it like some cheap light beer.  Coffee is for enjoying…and for waking you up a bit too!