How to Keep Coffee Piping Hot for the Office

Not too long ago, we touched on the wonders of summer coffee–delicious iced coffees and iced teas from The Roasterie that we can all enjoy during these hot summer months.  But what if you’re still into piping hot coffee in the summertime?  You still came to the right place!

One of the questions we get asked often is how to keep coffee super hot and fresh.  We get asked this question by many office administrators.  They simply don’t want the pot of coffee to go cold after an hour of sitting on the kitchen counter. Don’t worry–we have the secret.

To start off, you need to know that the vessel matters. In the thermal properties of the liquids game, when it comes to keeping liquid hot, there’s only one vessel that does the trick! Did somebody say airpot? I’m just going to go ahead and assume you said airpot–because that’s the correct answer (you get a gold star!).  You see, the reason why you should choose an airpot over any other option is because of pure science.

Airpots are a product of what happens when science and design meld in perfect harmony. The airpot gets its name from the pillow of sealed air that insulates the internal coffee pot that can be directly brewed into. Though an airpot’s design in similar to that of a thermos, it is its materials and ability to hold large volumes of liquid that set it apart from other warming techniques.

It percolates down to the fact that airpots are superior because their thermodynamics are better.

While all airpots keep coffee hot by utilizing the thermodynamic properties of reflective materials, it is the airpots with a reflective glass lining that we choose to serve our coffee in. The reflective glass lining is superior because glass holds on to heat much better than metal. Also, glass doesn’t retain flavor notes like a metal thermos would.  So the taste you get is the taste you were intended to get.

So the next time you brew up coffee for the office, try brewing it into an airpot!  We promise that the coffee will remain hot and fresh for a few hours–enough for the entire office to enjoy!

Want to expand your coffee knowledge? There’s no better way to learn than in person!