How to Set Up a Coffee Cart in Your Office

We were thrilled to learn the many ways that Roasterie drinkers like the folks at Think Big Partners have benefitted from an in-office coffee bar.  It seems like this Kansas City company has truly saved time and money by installing a coffee bar (and whoa!  It’s pretty fancy!).

Not all companies are interested in purchasing an espresso machine for the office.  We understand that machines like those can get a little pricey.  But we also think that many people perceive that setting up an office coffee bar is a time-consuming, expensive thing to do.  In all honesty, it’s as easy as three pieces of inexpensive equipment and a love for coffee.

In order to make office coffee attainable for any business, we have established The Roasterie Coffee Cart—the perfect coffee set-up for any office!  The Roasterie Coffee Cart has three pieces of equipment:

  • A coffee grinder
  • A coffee brewer
  • A water filter

With these three pieces of equipment from The Roasterie plus water availability, counter space and electricity, any office can provide employees with a delicious specialty coffee bar.  But our Coffee Cart also provides much more to companies than delicious coffee.  Think Big Partners, as well as many other companies that provide our coffee on-site, have benefitted from providing coffee in the following ways:

  1. Brings people to your office: Ever wish your clients or partners would come into your office?  Let them know that you have a coffee bar with some of Kansas City’s best specialty coffee.  We almost guarantee they will want to come see you.
  2. Saves time: Instead of driving 15 minutes out of your way to meet at a coffee shop, meet at your own office coffee bar!  This will save you a ton of time.
  3. Saves money: Perhaps most importantly, providing coffee at your office saves money!  A cup of coffee from the office will only run at about $.15.  Plus, installing a Coffee Cart from The Roasterie will only run about $150.00 for installation plus equipment and coffee.

So what do you say?  Interested in serving The Roasterie coffee in your office?  Check out the Coffee Cart from The Roasterie and become the office hero!