I’m Off to Colombia!

Just started packing for a trip to Bogota tomorrow morning. While I still love going to origin, thinking about being away from kids makes me sad. But, it’s always good and we always learn a ton. Our green coffee buyer, Stormin’ Norman has been cupping all week with Cup of Excellence and we’ll meet up to go to Huila on Saturday morning. We started buying from Huila back when most people didn’t know where Huila even was! We’re going on 12 years now…and it’s just as full as caramel and chocolate as ever; we call ours “Pitalito”.

Nutty day today; began around 5:30 with both kids in our bed…then Carla had to leave and the power went out! A transformer blew near The Roasterie Café and knocked power out there, too. So, our awesome staff at the plant just brewed 40 gallons of coffee real fast and we gave away coffee until the power came back on. An awesome, studly staff at both locations☺!

Knock on wood as we’ve been extremely busy. But, we’re not taking anything for granted. We are trying to be of ever more value…to be of value, of service, to all of our customers. It’s easier said than done but once you really get rolling…get everyone thinking about it, it’s fun and begins to snowball. There is a great deal of suffering out there and we have friends in every industry who are meeting the challenge of their lives. I pray every night for a swift recovery.

Team Roasterie is working on our float for the St. Patty’s Day Parade here in Brookside and also the big one downtown. Unfortunately, Normy and I will miss the Brookside one. In 1994 we set the world’s record for the largest cappuccino (27 gallons+). It’s near and dear to our hearts but the crew will do a great job. Hope you’ll come and visit. Normy and I will be at the big one with 50 gallons of world-class coffee. Stop by and have a free cup!

Have an awesome week☺!