Introducing Our Newest Costa Rican Reserve – La Candelilla Geisha

For over twenty years,  Danny O’Neill and Norman Killmon have led the way in discovering amazing coffees and creating truly exceptional coffee experiences with The Roasterie.  With the arrival of a very limited offering of a beautiful coffee found during our most recent trip to Costa Rica, The Roasterie tradition holds true.  We are offering a variety of coffee from the Candelilla Estate in Costa Rica known as “Geisha”.   Years ago, Danny O’Neill was on the Panama jury that discovered the Geisha coffee varietal, and has continued to source and roast this rare coffee varietal ever since.

After 20 years with The Roasterie, Norman Killmon will be retiring this week.  One of his last production roasts will be La Candelilla Estate Geisha Limited Reserve coffee, one the finest coffees available currently offered in the specialty coffee world.  We were able to ship 20 pounds of this Estate Geisha flown up from Costa Rica this week as a pre-release celebration offering.  For now, The Roasterie’s limited roast by Norman Killmon will provide enough for ten pounds of roasted coffee.  Later in May of this year, we will continue to offer the Candelilla Estate Geisha from Costa Rica, and will follow the “Norman Killmon” roast profile for it’s production roast.

With notes of jasmine, plum, and orange accompanied by a sweet, piquant acidity and smooth bergamot finish, La Candelilla Estate Geisha Limited Reserve is definitely worth the splurge! To order visit our website or call 816-931-4000.