Introducing Our Newest Reserve…Ethiopia Kochere!

From Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, comes our newest reserve – the Ethiopia Kochere.

Grown in Kochere near the district of Yirgacheffe in the Gedeo Zone, this selection is one of the highlights of our Ethiopian selections. We sourced this amazing coffee through our friends who have deep ties within the Gedeo Zone of Ethiopia.  The Kochere district is well-known for producing some of the best washed micro-lots available in Ethiopia.  You will love this coffee!

With floral notes in the aroma, the Ethiopia Kochere has a wonderful depth of flavor with hints of jasmine, passion fruit, and vanilla and a balanced acidity and creamy body. Like our other reserve offerings, we only have a limited quantity of this Ethiopian find in stock. When it’s gone, it’s gone so don’t wait to try it!

Order online to try at home or order at your favorite Roasterie Café!

Check out the photo below by Jon Ferguson, The Roasterie’s Bean Hunter during a trip to the Yirgacheffe Region of Ethiopia in 2009.