Introducing The New ModBar!

We would like to share with you the newest member of The Roasterie team. The Modbar! Also known as the modular espresso system. It so happens that there are only 40 Modbar’s in the United States. You could say we are pretty lucky!

We want to venture away from the original espresso machine to something that is more inviting and interactive with the customers.  Recently installed at The Factory Café, this revolutionary under the counter espresso and pour over brewing system does just that.

Espresso module:

Espresso module performs even better than it looks. The machine is designed to only take five minutes to come to an operating temperature.  It can also be programmed to engage after a tap has been idle for a certain amount of time.

Steam module:

In the hands of The Roasterie’s master baristas, the vertical lever gives a fine-touch control of steam volume. The steam module delivers amazingly dry steam and tremendous power.  Designed for easy use and maintenance, the steam module reflects elegance and durability.

Pour Over module:

The pour-over module brings precision-temperature water to the counter. Pitchers losing temperature between the pour-over solutions is a thing of the past! Baristas now have the ability to access the machine’s temperature control and pressure profiling.


The Modbar has the potential to break down the wall between us and the customers.  We want to grow by learning from our customers and responding to their needs. We are excited to find out if the Modbar system is up to the challenge of helping us reach that goal. Come on down to the Factory Café and see it in action!