Kansas City, We Have Liftoff!

The air may have been chilly, but the coffee was piping hot. And although it was 6:30 in the morning, we had hundreds of Kansas Citians make it over to our Roasterie factory this morning to watch our beloved DC-3 aircraft be unveiled and hoisted above our factory to forever change the Kansas City skyline.

But what does this aircraft mean to us? And perhaps most importantly, what will it mean for Kansas City and the nation?

The Roasterie DC-3 Aircraft

Our DC-3 aircraft is a fixed-wing, propeller-driven aircraft with revolutionized air transport in the 1930s and 40s. In fact, the DC-3 has been regarded as one of the most significant transport aircrafts ever made! But why was it so popular? Its versatility, rugged reliability and economy could not be matched by any other aircraft during its time. In fact, it has been said that “the only replacement for a DC-3 is another DC-3.”

The aircraft lifted above our factory was developed in the 1930s for TWA and was the first plane to actually haul passengers for profit. Plus, DC-3’s just like ours were often used to haul coffee beans around the globe. The 1930’s era airplane is now visible from I-35 and other landmarks in downtown Kansas City.

What does the DC-3 mean to us?

Apart from acting as our logo, the classic DC-3 aircraft means a lot to The Roasterie:

  • The DC-3 aircraft symbolizes that we seek out the best coffee from anywhere in the world and that we will travel near and far to provide the best coffee for the best price.
  • The DC-3 aircraft symbolizes Kansas City’s strong aviation history. We’re local and we intend to promote Kansas City’s rich history and Midwest culture.
  • The DC-3 aircraft, to us, symbolizes the American spirit and the American Dream.
  • When asked this morning what the plane meant to The Roasterie as a company, Bean Baron, Danny O’Neill said that “the plane symbolizes the spirit, adventure and fun in our company.” We couldn’t agree more.

Why 9/11/12?

We were asked a number of times why we decided to unveil our DC-3 aircraft on September 11, 2012 – especially through Facebook and Twitter. Obviously, September 11, 2001 was a day that truly shaped America’s history. We decided, very intentionally, to unveil our DC-3 aircraft to honor those that passed on September 11th.

We feel that we could give no stronger message to the world that the indomitable American spirit can never, ever be broken. That is why we have lifted our plane on this day – not because it’s 9/11, but despite that it’s 9/11. The plane symbolizes that we will not change our way of life. We will continue our business to serve the community and celebrate the American spirit.

What does the DC-3 mean to Kansas City?

The lift of the DC-3 aircraft can mean a lot of different things to the people of Kansas City. But we have heard some of the greatest things from people in our community about our plane – and not just this morning at our liftoff, but also in the online world!

  • “Hoisting the DC-3 to the roof of the new Roasterie building! A new KC skyline icon!” – @TrumpetFitz653
  • “Bravo Danny O’Neill and the Roasterie team. A new skyline marvel has been added to KC.” – @YummysChoice
  • “Many former #DC3 #WWII #pilots & @KCIAirport TWA mechanics @TheRoasterie. A meaningful day for many when the DC3 was hoisted today in #KC!” – @dodsonintl
  • “Topping off [a] historic moment with yet more @TheRoasterie coffee – this time the original KC Blend at The Classic Cup.” – @KatieVanLuchene
  • “It got a lot easier to spot the location of a local coffee maker’s production plant on Tuesday – it’s the only building in the area with a vintage airliner on the roof.” – Kansas City FOX 4
  • “A symbol of success and possibility.” – KCTV 5

You tell us! Comment below and tell us what The Roasterie DC-3 means to you and to Kansas City!

Visit our DC-3!

Thank you to those of you who made it out to The Roasterie this morning to watch our plane hoisted above our coffee factory! We hope you thoroughly enjoyed this monumental Kansas City moment and also helped yourself to our famous Roasterie coffee.

We would especially like to thank the former DC-3 World War II pilots and KCI Airport TWA mechanics that made it out to our event this morning. It was incredible to be surrounded by aviation history!

The Bean Baron Danny O’Neill and his children with WWII DC-3 pilots and KCI TWA mechanics.

We would like to encourage the entire community to stop by to see Kansas City’s new icon, The Roasterie DC-3, at anytime! We offer a free tour at 10am Monday through Saturday so come on by to see the amazing aircraft and to catch a glimpse of our coffee factory – we’d love to have you!