Kansas City’s Coffee Scene is Brewing!

There’s something new in the Kansas City air. Perhaps it’s that crisp, fall chill we all know and love. Or maybe it’s the familiar scent of outdoor grilling for football tailgates. But in our opinion, it’s the warm smell of freshly brewed coffee that is truly taking over the Kansas City atmosphere. Why? Because Kansas City’s coffee scene is truly brewing up to become something quite special.

One of our favorite local magazines, Ink, seems to agree. In a recent article titled Coffee curiosity brews in KC, reporter Dugan Arnett not only talks about the new changes that we’ve been attributing to the KC coffee scene, but also an overview of the Kansas City coffee culture as a whole. And trust us—Kansas City coffee is really standing out!

Kansas City is the home of bustling local coffee shops, quaint cafés and even major industry leaders and coffee bean factories, like us. From the Broadway Café to Parisi Artisan Coffee to innovative shops like Oddly Correct Coffee Roasters and Quay Coffee, we all have something caffeinated to give the local community. And although we are all competing for the same Kansas City market, we all work together to build the coffee community here in KC (and beyond!). Here, at the Roasterie, we hope to pioneer this coffee movement throughout the entire community—one cup at a time.

The Kansas City community is a collaborative one in general. With good-natured Midwestern attitudes and a can-do nature, the KC coffee community, in particular, is one that enjoys working with others. There are a number of barista jams every year, an annual Caffeine Crawl and even Specialty Coffee Week September 15th through the 21st. Events like these truly bring everybody from the coffee community together—and trust us, it’s one good, caffeinated time!

Specialty Coffee Week really is just around the corner! This event in particular brings back a lot of great memories to the Roasterie team. Back in the mid-90’s, we were an inaugural sponsor of Specialty Coffee Week. Unfortunately, the event died down, but the spirit and enthusiasm of coffee lived on. We are excited that Kansas City Specialty Coffee Week has come back to our hometown in 2012 and that we can once again celebrate the fun, collaborative nature of coffee all week long!

Kansas City coffee drinkers, it’s because of you that our community is growing into one of the biggest hubs for coffee in the nation. Keep consuming that caffeine, frequenting your favorite local shops and joining coffee factories for tours and other events and we’re sure to become the biggest, most overly-caffeinated coffee town around!