Let’s Talk Tea: Silk Sachets vs. Paper Sachets

Have you ever brewed up a cup of tea only to find that it tastes somewhat…papery?  We have too!  The reason your tea may have a paper-like aftertaste is because the tea sachet you are using is made of…well…paper of course!

Paper Sachets = Paper Flavor

When we developed our new line of Roasterie teas, we kept that notion in mind.  We quickly learned that when tea is brewed in paper sachets, the final product is a drink that lacks flavor.  This happens because the paper has tiny holes that make it difficult for water to pass through.  In turn, this doesn’t allow the flavor of the tea truly blossom.  Thus began our mission to find the right type of tea sachet.

Loose Leaf = Too Much Hassle

We debated loose leaf tea brewing next.  While loose leaf tea brewing is the traditional method of brewing tea and often makes the best cup of tea, it comes with some obstacles. Extra time and more equipment is needed to brew tea this way.  It was on to the next method…

Silk Sachets = The Perfect Solution!

We found a way to eliminate the hassle of brewing loose leaf tea as well as a papery tea taste!  We decided to use silk pyramid sachets, a hybrid of traditional tea bags and loose leaf tea.

With silk sachets, you get the best of both worlds. Silk has larger holes which makes it easier for water to pass through and let the tea blossom.  Perhaps best of all—silk has a neutral taste. So you get the flavor benefits of loose leaf tea, along with the ease and convenience of a bag (minus the papery taste!). Plus it doesn’t hurt that our tea sachets are shaped like mini pyramids!  Cool!

What About Paper Coffee Filters?  Don’t You Use Those? 

Great question.  And we have the answer you’re looking for!  Paper flavor notes occur because the paper is washed, which rids it of its papery flavor. When we brew coffee with the Chemex method for instance, we do use paper filters, but we avoid a papery flavor by rinsing the paper before brewing.

Taste the difference for yourself! Order Roasterie silk sachet teas right here!