Mexico’s Smooth & Spicy Coffee

It wasn’t too long ago that Mexico had a “bad coffee reputation”.  The country was known to specialize in commercial-grade coffee for companies such as Nestle (specialty coffee companies and distributors didn’t go near the stuff!). Mexico has really turned its coffee culture around thanks to the coastal region of Chiapas, near the border of Guatemala.

It is in and around the Chiapas region (a mountainous region in the southeastern corner of Mexico) where most of Mexico’s Arabica coffee grows.  The Chiapas region provides the perfect high altitude with warm Pacific waters and cool southern winds for coffee to grow.  The coffee produces a spicy (what else were you expecting?), bright, smooth and nutty flavor with tobacco undertones.

There’s something special about the Chiapas region—many believe it’s the birds.  Birds such as the Tennessee warbler and the Baltimore oriole migrate to the coffee plantations in the Chiapas region because the trees are incredibly tall and mimic the birds’ dwindling natural forest habitats.  We also like to think that the biodiversity that the Chiapas region provides makes our coffee taste even sweeter…but you may have to taste it to believe it.

Lucky for you, we provide three different types of Mexican coffee:

  1. Blue Sky Mexican Trade Organic Decaf:   Aroma of fresh lavender and cedar that break into a fruity, nutty profile of raisin and dark chocolate.
  2. Mexican Fair Trade Organic: Light, fruity acidity complements the full nutty body.  Unique spicy tones enhance the long smooth finish.
  3. Mexican Primo Altura: A light floral and cinnamon aroma.  This coffee has a balance of creamy body and subtle spice with traditional orange citrus acidity.

There is a reason that Mexico is the 5th largest coffee producer in the world (and the largest source of U.S. coffee imports!).  It is because the country—especially the Chiapas region—is the perfect climate to produce delicious, smooth coffee that we here in Kansas City flip for.  Maybe the country shouldn’t be known for its tequila…but for its coffee instead!