[PHOTOS] The Roasterie Hosts Brewing Method Taste Test

“What’s your favorite brewing method?” is a question we get here at The Roasterie all too often.  But how could we possibly decide on just one brewing method as our favorite?  After all, each brewing method delivers a different tasting coffee.  And our coffee often turns out just too delicious to pick one method.

In order to put this fact to the test, we decided to invite our friends (including Kansas City Star reporter Stacy Downs!) to sit down and experience the different methods of brewing coffee.  Then, we conducted a good old fashioned taste test from our very own Roasterie cupping room.  We put the same blend, our Don Quijote of Costa Rica, through every brewing method and had our friends taste the difference.

Check out some pictures from the coffee tasting experience!

Roasterie café barista Phillip Paul introduces our friends to the siphon brewing method.

Up close and personal with the siphon brewing method. Phillip demonstrates the Roasterie’s Chemex brewing method.

From left to right: Pour over method, Siphon method, Keurig method (using the Ekobrew K-Cup).

Top Left to Right: A classic percolator. Top Right: French press. Bottom: The Moccamaster, one of the best brewers on the market.

So which coffee brewing method did the tasters prefer? As a matter of fact, that went a bit undecided.  But we were able to narrow down the top 3 brewing techniques from our friends!  The outcome?  French press, The Moccamaster and the Chemex.  Which is your favorite?