Prepare Your Office: The Roasterie Office Coffee Program Is Here

As many of you know, one of the main goals of The Roasterie is to provide the world’s best coffee to all of the coffee lovers out there. For too long, though, some of the biggest fans have had to caffeinate themselves with lackluster coffee provided by their office coffee service. That’s why The Roasterie has partnered with Ronnoco to provide everyone with The Roasterie’s high quality coffee, even if they can’t step out of the office to grab a cup.

Ronnoco, a St. Louis-based coffee roaster and distributor, has been helping offices serve coffee since 1904. Their staff of more than 80 professionals will help us provide the world’s best coffee to offices throughout the greater Kansas City metropolitan area and beyond. Ronnoco is small enough to pay attention to the details that we are about the most, but large enough to service more than 20 states throughout the US. No matter if your office is large or small, Ronnoco will help you choose the perfect Roasterie blends for your workplace. Ronnoco will even provide all those things you need for the perfect coffee experience, from equipment to support to even cups and coffee condiments.

No more will you have to worry about subpar coffee in your office. The Roasterie and Ronnoco have got you covered. We make it easy, fast and convenient to serve the world’s best coffee to your clients and your employees.

So what do you say?  Interested in serving The Roasterie coffee in your office?  Contact us and become the office hero!