• balanced and sweet
  • notes of caramel and pineapple
  • smooth, nutty finish

Brazil Serra do Cabral


This tasty Rainforest Alliance certified coffee comes from the Flanzer family farm, located in Brazil’s secluded Serra do Cabral plateau. As the only coffee farmers in the region, the Flanzers produce uniquely delicious coffees with complex flavor profiles unlike any other. With tasting notes like exotic pineapple, sweet, syrupy caramel with a smooth nutty finish, you’re sure to fall in love with this one!

Learn more about the farm on their website or watch the Serra do Cabral video!


Origin: Brazil
Region: Minas Gerais
Grower: Marcelo and Roberto Flanzer
Elevation: 3609 ft.
Processing: Natural
Varietals: Yellow Catucaí

The Flanzer family began farming in the 1970’s in the Serra do Cabral plateau in the state of Minas Gerais. Originally planted for forestry, brothers Marcelo and Roberto decided to diversify their land when they took over management from their father, Henrique, in 2000. Coffee had never been produced in the region before so Marcelo and Roberto started with a blank slate, but they knew the altitude, climate, water, and terroir of their land were perfect for coffee growing. In 2006, they started cultivating coffee, being a pioneer in the region and the only coffee farmer in Serra do Cabral–one of the best preserved lands in Brazil.

Sustainability is a core tenet of the Flanzer’s growing and processing operations; In fact, their farm is named Ecoagrícola to represent their commitment to eco-friendly agriculture. The majority of their land is a protected reserve where animals can live freely in their natural habitats. Birds that migrate from North to South America use these areas to feed and rest. The wild Concolor Puma is present in these reserves, meaning that the food chain is well preserved. Ecoagrícola also operates a native trees nursery, producing seedlings for its own forests and supplying neighboring communities, cities and schools. Their efforts to mitigate environmental impacts while invigorating the health of native species have been recognized by the Rainforest Alliance and other international organizations.

Though their first harvest was only in 2009, the Flanzer family has 3 Cup of Excellence winning coffees under their belt. They perfectly represent what it means to produce among the best coffee in the world while protecting the natural landscape and ensuring coffee production for years to come.

In this natural processed coffee, we taste notes like sweet caramel and exotic fruit with a distinctly nutty finish. We’re loving it as a pour over in a V60 or a Chemex!

Learn more about the farm on their website or watch the Serra do Cabral video.