costa rica

  • notes of cocoa and dried fruit
  • rich and bold with a heavy body
  • smooth and creamy finish

Costa Rica Don Quijote

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This Direct Trade coffee from the beautiful Naranjo region in the West Valley of Costa Rica is special to us for many reasons. It’s where it all began for us in 1978, when Danny O’Neill picked his first coffee beans as an AFS foreign exchange student. It’s also been a core offering of ours for over 20 years now, loved by many as a single origin and also a crucial component to many Roasterie blends such as Kansas City Blend, Classic Cup and Full Vengeance. Aromatic and rich in flavor with notes of milk chocolate, orange and subtle florals, Don Quijote will have you coming back for more time and time again.

*While your 2lb or 5lb coffee label may look different than you are used to, rest assured that it is the same great coffee. 


Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Naranjo Region
Elevation: 4,500-5,000 ft
Grower: Smallholder farms contributing to common wet mill
Varietals: Caturra, Tatuai, and Villa Sarchi
Processing: Fully washed

Produced by a collective of about 40 farmers and milled locally in the Naranjo region, Costa Rica Don Quijote is an excellent example of how much weight community lots can carry both for the producers and roasters alike. A partnership that has endured for over 20 years, this coffee has had a stalwart consistency in both supply and quality and has allowed us to deliver excellence to Kansas City out of Costa Rica for decades. In the community where the coffee is produced, we’ve been honored to partner with the local families to help support two daycare centers which are able to provide the coffee pickers, many of them single mothers, peace of mind to know that their children are being cared for and receiving proper education, nutrition and supervision throughout the work days during harvest. With tasting notes of milk chocolate, orange, and subtle florals, this coffee is delicious almost any way you brew it; we particularly enjoy it as a drip coffee, in a Chemex or as a French Press.